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Bachelors in USA can be pursued after completion of primary and secondary education i.e. 10+2 or pre university education. Students will have the option of studying undergraduate courses in USA in various different fields depending on their field of interest. Bachelors Programs in USA are called undergraduate courses in USA, unlike India where they are called graduate programs. Students can opt to study and choose from the varied options available in different streams like: Engineering in Computer Science, Electricals, Electronics, Civil, Chemical etc., to Liberal Arts in Commerce, Social Studies, etc. to Business Administration and Management.

Bachelors in USA are normally for four years of duration, though it is possible to complete and earn a bachelors degree in less than four years. Universities in USA follow the credit system of evaluation in awarding a degree, thus requiring a minimum of 120-140 credits to earn a Bachelors degree in USA. (This depends on university to university and their curriculum). Students intending to pursue a bachelor’s degree in US Universities must select a major, normally by the end of their second semester. All students doing undergraduate degree in USA should complete a required number of courses or credits within their major in order to graduate with a degree in that major.

Associate Degree in USA

This Associate Degree in USA is a unique concept started in USA education Systems. They have started a shorter version of Bachelors in USA. These even available in community colleges, where by students can take terminal Associate degree in USA after completion of first 60 credits and students can join the work force and can continue to courses at later stage to get Bachelors in USA.

Cost of Education

Pursuing Bachelors in USA is quite expensive when compared to Masters Education, as students are required to complete more credits. This is one of the reasons why most of the international students especially from India prefer studying from Master level education in USA in earlier days. In order to offset this huge cost of education, most of the universities in US offer different types of financial assistance to qualified students. If the student has a good academic background, a decent TOEFL score and a good SAT score, he/she can get up to 20%-50% scholarship. Average cost of tuition fee for most of the US universities will be in the range of $ 12,000 – 16,000 per annum depending on university and the program.

These days quite bit of change in the mind set of Parents and students are preferring to go undergraduate courses in USA as that that is quite suitable age to get the Best education and easy to learn their Culture.


Apart from a good academic percentage, and above in class 10th and 12th, a good TOEFL score is required for all International students. TOEFL score of 80 out of 120 on the internet based test is considered ideal for admissions into decent US universities. These days quite few Universities are giving conditional admission for students without TOEFL. Most of the universities in USA also require SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores of around 1800 – 2000 out of 2400. SAT exam is conducted by the “College Board” and it contains of three sections Mathematics, Critical Writing and Reading for 800 points each. Again quite few Universities took relaxed policy of SAT also. Some schools may also ask for a SAT subject scores for certain specialized individual programs.

Application & Admission Process

Once the student is ready with the required documents (10th and 12th class certificates with attestation, 3 recommendation letters, Personal Statement, Financial Certificate, Affidavit of Support, TOEFL and SAT scores and Passport Copy) he/she has to apply Bachelors in USA to the desired US universities within the application deadline. It is suggested that the student starts applying to the universities at least 6-8 months prior to the admission intake to ensure smooth processing.

Once the student applies to a particular university and submits the required application materials, it might take around 6-8 weeks for the admission process. After careful observation the university will notify the student about the decision and if the student is accepted, then the university will send him/her the I-20 (Admission Letter), upon which the student can apply for F1 student VISA.